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Metrocommute Security International provides integrated digital electronic security systems, built on technology from, the nation's leader in real-time traffic and information systems.

People who seek security today expect to receive the highest level of security on a cost effective basis.

MCSI Intelligent Security is the proffered Security Large Institutions employ for Network Behavior Analysis, CCTV System Solutions in order to Secure and Monitor Complex Network infrastructure.

MCSI Intelligent Security Deploys Non-intrusive security for End-to-End Network Visibility

Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems- design, installation and service  

No codes to remember, no keys to lose. "Unlock the Power of Your Print" with the iQBio Guardian XL door lock.

To contact or schedule an MCSI Intelligent Security onsite service repair technician call (212) 757 5626.

Operating within the expanded customer service department, our experienced team of electronic technicians diagnose and correct faults, as well as carrying out routine maintenance in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

MCSI Intelligent Security CCTV Maintenance

MCSI CCTV maintenance servicesAn important part of our service include CCTV Maintenance Division. Fully equipped with its own mobile cherry-picker lift and static hoist, the CCTV team is able to carry out a thorough repair and maintenance service that covers all elements of a CCTV system including cameras, lenses, mounting brackets, lighting, IR lamps, transmitters and multiplexors.

The team also maintains digital and video recording equipment, processors and remote surveillance monitoring systems, as well as providing advice about environmental factors such as lighting and the effect of potential obstructions such as foliage and parked vehicles.

The CCTV Maintenance Division operates in all states via qualified alliance representatives who are is fully trained in all the key aspects of CCTV technology. MCSI Intelligent Security Staff are able to carry out on-site repairs and are equipped with an extensive range of replacement parts to ensure that faulty or degraded equipment can be put back into service as quickly as possible. Similarly, the use of its own access vehicles means that the team can carry out maintenance work in busy public areas with minimal disruption to traffic and people s working routines. By removing the need for hiring access plant, MCSI is also able to reduce the cost of such projects to its customers.

                                                  On special application MCSI offers personal private physical Intelligent Security Agents (MCSIA)

Today's security marketplace requires solutions that range from protecting Homeland Security to protecting your home.

MSCI products and services integrate state-of-the-art security technologies including: digital recording and IP video solutions; matrix controls; cameras; monitors; mounting accessories; remote positioning devices, and fiber optics. Our solutions are delivered through a variety of surveillance, security, safety, and control applications.
For more information regarding Metrocommute Security International, please visit or call us at: (212) 757 5626.

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