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Metrocommute Security International provides integrated digital electronic security systems, built on technology from, the nation's leader in real-time traffic and information systems.

 People who seek security today expect to receive the highest level of security on a cost effective basis.

MCSI Intelligent Security is the proffered Security Large Institutions employ for Network Behavior Analysis, CCTV System Solutions in order to Secure and Monitor Complex Network infrastructure.

MCSI Intelligent Security Deploys Non-intrusive security for End-to-End Network Visibility

The Remote Dashboard provides an intuitive workspace for command, control and communication via a standard web browser, giving the user access to reports, alerts, and tools such as news services, video and other information sources.
Remote Dashboard integrated Response Management and Monitoring System to all management sectors. MCSI Intelligent Security comprehensive safety solutions provide responder-specific technology for Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire/Rescue, and Municipal Services and a dynamic response model to data storage prioritization as a result of a threat event. The goal is to provide an affordable, distributed and expandable system for access to real-time position reporting and event tracking within an organization and among first responders and rescue agencies.
All features remain constant over each agency implementation with differences reflected in the tailoring of the system for your agency and the interfaces to support your existing communications. Remote monitoring iscritical for systems to communicate and share information. The Dashboard Interface gives business leaders the most current and accurate information to make the best possible decisions for their communities and the safety of their citizens. Acknowledging that the communications continuum includes those outside of senior management, the remote internet access Dashboard Interface also allows the user to view headline news from local, state, and national media, in a single window. This gives the user an overview of the stories being covered from a variety of sources without performing multiple searches or visiting multiple media web sites.


Today's security marketplace requires solutions that range from protecting Homeland Security to protecting your home.

MSCI products and services integrate state-of-the-art security technologies including: digital recording and IP video solutions; matrix controls; cameras; monitors; mounting accessories; remote positioning devices, and fiber optics. Our solutions are delivered through a variety of surveillance, security, safety, and control applications.
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