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Metro Commute Security International (MCSI) is a team of profile management & intelligent security consultants who specialize in providing intelligent digital network surveillance security systems to Highly Dense Populations, City Malls, Parks & Private Public Spaces.
MCSI SECURITY is in no way form or fashion affiliated with the US Government. Though our services are in alignment with certain federal state, local, regional or international government law enforcement authority it is MCSI SECURITY special interest, purpose and view to based all of its findings particularly on the optimization of general public safety through the enhancement and implementation of PREVENTION SECURITY SYSTEMS & METHODS.

All across America it is heard over and over again on the air-waves how much Americans are sick and tired of a regime that is negligent to say the least on implementation and the enforcement of new gun laws.

Though in different states the laws in relation to owning guns slightly differ from some other states. For some states an apparent over reaction to the United States of America's 2nd Amendment allows for an individual to purchase and store arms for anything outside of the use for himself and family for the sake of lethal defense.

The political twists and turns on aiding new gun laws in most cases have become anemic to the leaders in the senate, who often times have never had to deal with such confrontation as having to be in one of these tragic incidents such as Columbine or now Aurora Colorado.

The question is still; Does the general public prefer freer laws prohibiting guns ownership? or new laws restricting the ownership, sales and services or ability to purchase guns and ammunition on any account outside of one that is directly associated with a government state or federal law enforcement agency unit.

Will this make a difference? To say so immediately then and after another incident is right. It seams right to drag the political opinions along this track, simply because these are the only conditions immediate and naturally would appeal to the general public's troubled emotions. But once the dust is settled and another derange kid and the son of a military or law enforcement officer covertly secures enough ammunition in order to Top the Columbine or the recent Aurora incidents NOTICE by this means its going to be convincingly easier to commit even a more heinous criminal or even terrorist act, for the simple reason of STATUS.

Its difficult for the politics surrounding gun laws to feel and witness the agony of loosing another family member who did not return from the grocery last night or one who feels unsafe to return home for the sake of a drive-by or another stray-bullet.

MCSI SECURITY stand by the present gun laws already in place.
MCSI SECURITY believes the political tool is not necessarily the right tool for dealing with the immediate aftermath of a tragic shooting incident and one that specifically include a random act against the general public.
MCSI SECURITY believes if there happens to be the threat of a random act directly attributed to a constituent and his or her political office or if by some strange act an outrage incident of this nature threatens the safety and security of the Washington Senate. MCSI SECURITY believes if such a thing were to be even remotely suspected, such attempt however articulate, or connected a person responsible that maybe. Such an incident will almost never occur. If it does there probably would only be a single casualty.

The chances of another repeat incident such as Columbine or recent Aurora is never going to give us an option to effectively profile such a person or tragic being out played. Politicians can talk till the suns goes down.

MCSI SECURITY special interest, purpose and view is based on all of the above findings particularly on the optimization of general public safety through the enhancement and implementation of RETROACTIVE PREVENTION SECURITY METHODS.

Today in this GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in most towns and public city streets one must have a license for almost everything you're involved with.

To walk your dog on certain streets for example you must obtain a special licenses from the the City or community board.

MCSI SECURITY believes the same micro-management security measures should be put in place step-by-step over-time in various cities, local towns, shopping malls, THEATERS,  Metro City Subways, Public Buses in certain districts, and so on and so on...when it comes to guns and ammunition. Some law enforcement officers will never fire a single gun shot throughout his career while serving the public, yet he have a license to do so and is paid tax-payers dollars to do exactly so if the need arises. Civilians do not get paid to carry guns and ammunition.

MCSI SECURITY believes EVERY AMERICAN should have the right to carry arms for the purpose of LETHAL DEFENSE.
MCSI SECURITY believes EVERY AMERICAN should have the right to engage in the process of owning any amount of guns and munition possible given he have had the right training, purpose and reason/s.
MCSI SECURITY believes EVERY AMERICAN who is willing to undergo the necessary training, obtain the correct certifications within or independent of a military service training, should be given the FREEDOM TO DO SO.
MCSI SECURITY believes when it comes to politics there is no chance left to be taken, and the implementation of further anti-gun laws will only increase chances for tragic incident specifically targeted to the general public.

MCSI SECURITY believes EVERY AMERICAN should have the freedom to undergo equally the same amount of training any level security or arm law enforcement federal state or government officer have gone through.

THE PEOPLE OF AURORA INJURED, SUFFERED and SUFFERING as a cause of this horrible tragic incident are in fact the PEOPLE of AMERICA'S UNITED STATES.

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE: This was not an attempt to Gun down the president or 12-Members of the senate in Washington DC. This was an attack on the freedom of all American Societies and it was not the first time we've seen it happening.

Michael Foster
Profile Security Manager
MCSI - Metro Security International