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MCSI Intelligent Security mission statement
To provide Digital Surveillance system along with a wide range of remote view functionality, which will allow users to view their cameras from anywhere in the world using 56K Modem, ISDN or Broadband. The most powerful remote view solution is the MCSI Webcam Server. Please request an MCSI Webcam Server example from our office by calling 212-757-5626.
MCSI Intelligent Security Founders

The Metro Commute Security International Team:

  • Evan Lemonides - Sr VP President and Co-Founder ( LLC - more than 20 years of traffic and commuter information technology innovation)
  • Daniel Broe, PhD - Sr VP and Co-Founder LLC (more than 25 years in information technology research and product development)
  • Henry Wilkie - Head of Systems Security (Over 30+ years of systems platform design and security consultation to Government, local, and private sectors)
  • Roger Sichel - (Consultant) Strategic Business Development
  • Michael Foster - (R&D) New Product Research and Management Director. (10+years in creative design analysis and micro-systems network communications).

Today's security marketplace requires solutions that range from protecting Homeland Security to protecting your home. MSCI products

For more information regarding Metro commute Security International, please call us at: (212) 757 5626.

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